Solve the Future of work & Underemployment

WithYouWithMe is a social impact company, founded by ex-military professionals, who use the military’s method of testing & training to build high performing individuals and teams.

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We Are Solving Big Social Problems

Future of Work

The Future of Work is here now, and it is driving us to think very differently about how me manage our workforces. 

We know that:

Will eliminate some jobs, create new jobs and see an increase in human and machine augmentation

We need to realise skills will have a shelf life of as little as 3-years

Where and how we do work will also change


Underemployment is one of Australia’s largest silent social issues. More and more Australians are being forced into casualised working environments and are finding themselves underemployed. 

  • When an employee wants more hours and/ or more responsibility than they are currently being offered.
  • Employees are over-skilled or over-qualified for the role they are in; and
  • Employees are not being paid the market value for their skills and experience
  • Leads to unproductive employees
  • Leads to social welfare issues
  • Leads to higher cases of mental health problems because people feel undervalued

Increase Speed of Talent Acquisition | Increase Employee Diversity | Improve Talent Mobility | Fill Critical Skills Gaps | Build Workforce Capability Overtime | Increase Team Performance | Implementing FOW Projects

What is our secret sauce?

The WYWM Way


Use 4 types of testing to make data driven decisions

  • Build High Performing Teams
  • Hire For Culture & Potential
  • Gain Better Insights About Your Workforce
  • Match Employees to New Careers


Use Job-Ready Training to Get the Skills Your Business Needs

  • Upskill and CrossSkill Your Workforce
  • Build Skill Redundancy
  • Train skills to do the job first.
  • Learn a vendor platform second
  • Learn in a fun way


Use our platform to get access to the skills and people you need, when you need them.

  • Track your bench
  • Map and better manage employees careers
  • Hire external & internal candidates for new roles
  • Improve talent mobility


Use the WYWM Way framework to grow the capability of your workforce over time

  • Learning is now a life-long journey
  • Build your own career pathways for employees
  • Build genuine capability for the future

Proof it works.