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Potential empowers executives, HR, L&D and talent managers to make data driven decisions to build high performing teams and businesses.

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Unleashing the hidden potential within your business.

Talent empowerment

Empower your individuals to drive their own career outcome by taking ownership of their career journey.

Talent mobility

Become pro-active by matching existing talent to in demand roles based on their potential and aptitude for quick redeployment.

Talent acquisition

Still re-actively looking for talent? We have you covered with unlimited access to a pool of pre-qualified tech talent. 

How we do it.


Start by testing your workforce’s aptitude and psychometric abilities to uncover user or team performance and future growth opportunities. 


Combine your workforce’s data with the power of AI to match existing staff to new jobs/careers or use the data to make the perfect next hire. 


Using your testing & matching data, you now have clear visibility on who is ready to upskill into an in-demand position. You can then enrol staff or teams into industry leading courses at the click of a button.

Career Ownership

Empowered by their testing and matching data, staff now know where they are and where they can go, prompting them to take ownership of their own careers. 

Pro-Active Recruitment

We eliminate the “Will I find a good candidate” fear. Potential gives recruiters and HR managers all the tools they need to grow talent and build talent pools within your own organisation. 

Unlimited Access

When you’re unable to fill a role within your org we’ve always got your back. Gain access to our database of 10k+ pre-qualified talent ready to be deployed into tech roles at no extra cost. 

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